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Website Redesign

Brainiac Media was contracted by TileAcademy to carry out a B2B website redesign as well as work on their search engine ranking and B2B social media marketing. TileAcademy is a technology company that supports the education sector through Single Sign On (SSO) and collaborative tech-ed tools. 

TileAcademy enables teachers and students to collaborate more seamlessly, this is especially important at the moment. What TileAcademy does is particularly important given the current pandemic. With so much uncertainty in the education sector teachers and students have had to work hard to find their new footing both in the physical classroom and in virtual ones, as well as playing catch up. 

TileAcademy provides both teachers and students with tools that enable learning in an environment that is always accessible, easy to use, a platform that is engaging and one that is tailored specifically for them. Thus, we were tasked with rebranding and designing the website in a way that would emphasise the importance and powerful nature of this product, in an engaging way that would appeal to their target audience. 


We rebranded and redesigned TileAcademy’s website and improved their google searchability through successful SEO tactics by doing this we were able to bridge a gap between them and their target market: the education sector. 


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The Problems They Faced and How We Fixed Them: 

TileAcademy’s initial website consisted solely of one page which meant it was difficult to get them ranking on google and competing against their competition. We, therefore, set to work on creating a website that had dedicated pages to their product offering, resources, blogs and pricing. 

Having a website that is hard to find on google search due to lack of content results in an inability to attract your target audience, and convert them into customers, this impedes company growth, stagnates your teams best efforts. 

So, we set out to fix the problem. 




Our goals were simple, to build an engaging, with pages that could be ranked for SEO and add landing pages to direct traffic from social media. 

We began by redesigning and rebranding their website so that it provided users with a much user experience that led them onto the information that was key in them, this ultimately heightens the chance of them making an enquiry or purchasing decision. With a much more engaging and easy-to-use front end user interface, we began to see some positive changes and a high level of web traffic and low bounce rate. 

Landing pages were created so to provide users with information about the products being offered by TileAcademy. Each product was given a page so that users could differentiate between them all as well as to increase its google search-ability. By doing this the website became much more engaging and a more immersive experience for whoever needed or wanted to learn more about TileAcademy’s offerings. By segmenting their products into specific landing pages to increase conversations and improve search-ability in google their mission and products formed a much clearer picture. 

We also created a news section, resources and a pricing section so to improve enquiries and conversions, SEO and their presence and brand awareness and leadership in the education tech sector on social media. This also provided prospective clients with useful information, so that they could decide whether or not adopting the software was possible for their school.

Brainiac Media’s design and development team listened to the client and carried out competitor and market research before delivering a newly branded eye-catching and engaging website that incorporated TileAcademy’s plans for the future of their business, and its target market.

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