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Main Website Design and Development Web design and development involve two different aspects when building a website the former is used to describe the design process relating to the front-end (the client side) of the website. Web development on the other hand refers to bespoke written functionality that allows a website to become a piece of software and is carried by computer programmers these are people who write computer software and uses a computer language here at Brainiac Media we have developers that specialise in coldfusion, .net and php. Contact Us
Brand Design Brand identity and design development Branding is all about how a brand is perceived by the public and in particular your target market. Creating a good relationship with your target audience is essential for businesses. Brand management includes the product or service you are providing, the look and feel and the price and design whether this is online or in the product itself. Contact Us Packages
Website Hosting Hosting Services Web hosting allows individuals and businesses to make their website accessible to the World Wide Web. Web hosts provide space to host their clients’ websites on a server owned or leased by the web host. If you have built your website and now want the world to see it you will need to find a web host. Here at Brainiac Media we offer our client’s web hosting services. Find out more...
We are a full service digital marketing agency. helping businesses build their online presence

We are Brainiac Media and our team of specialists are here to help you build your online presence. As a full service digital agency, our team of specialists can help you from beginning to end with carefully crafted and beautifully designed websites, branding, creative content, digital marketing and social media marketing strategies.

Our marketing team can help you plan, implement and integrate online and offline marketing campaigns. It is your website and brand styling that connect you to your ideal clients and customers and it is our job to make that happen.

Whether you are a start-up, SME or a large corporation looking to create an entirely new web presence or update and renovate your existing site, or just need help with a one-off project, we can work together to find a solution that suits your needs.

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The Client: Snow Lab

Snow Lab is an online shop that specialises in ski clothing, equipment and accessories....

Web Design, Development and Hosting

The Client: Helping Rhinos

Helping Rhinos is a charity’s whose mission is to rescue and protect rhinos in their natural habitat by delivering tangible results in anti-poaching and habitat preservation....

Marketing, Branding, Web Design, Develop

The Client: cloudkeeping

cloudkeeping is an online bookkeeping application for self-employed contractors....

Branding, Website Design and Development

The Client: W12 Group

W12 Group specialises in providing construction, maintenance and catering services to the construction industry....