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Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing 

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Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing

Brainiac Media’s PPC experts ensure that before they begin any paid media they do their research to understand your exact target audience, so that they can tailor the campaign to attract and convert sales. A successful PPC campaign is more than selecting keywords and bidding on them, our approach helps achieve better results within your budget through data driven ads.

A successful PPC campaign results in paying a small fee for a click through which results in a sale worth more than the cost of the click. A lot goes into a successful PPC campaign from researching and selecting the right keywords to organizing the keywords into ad groups and setting up well optimised landing pages that convert.

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PPC campaign management

We provide PPC campaign management services that enable you to get better returns on your ad spend. Our PPC experts track, manage and monitor the performance of your Google ads, so we can review your return on investment and make data led decisions to refine and continually adapt, grow and refine your PPC ad campaign performance and click-through-rate.

Paid Media 

Paid media is great if done correctly and can see you great returns on your investment fast. We specialise in paid media across many networks such as Google ads, paid social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn ads. If you need help with your paid media feel free to contact us and we can discuss the best options and strategy for your business. 

Google ads management (AdWords Monitoring & Optimisation)

When ranking ads Google uses the following metric Google takes account of Cost Per Click (CPC) bid (the amount you’re paying for a customer to click on your ad) and the Quality Score of that ad a value that looks at the your click-through-rate, the relevance of your keywords, ad copy and the quality of your landing page.

We create ads that are a winning combination so you are able to reach more customers at a cost that fits your budget. We specialise in researching and crafting relevant keywords, ad groups and ad text for your Google ads to get you the best returns on your ad spend. 

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Snow Lab

We have used Brainiac media for the past 3 years and have always received exceptional service and support. Rob and his team have vast amounts of knowledge and knowhow...

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Snow Lab

Peliwica Insurance

Brainiac media have been great, I have used them to help build my website and integrate it into other 3rd party systems which was key to my business, as well as managing all my email, URL's, cloud services etc. They are very approachable, keen to help solve problems and have a deep level of technical, marketing and SEO knowledge. I've been so happy with their service and capability I am always recommending them to my own customers!

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Peliwica Insurance

Helping Rhinos

Brainiac Media have provided the website for Helping Rhinos for a number of years now, and take great pride in the service they deliver. Rob and his team are always on hand to help us with anything we need to improve the site. We have recently undertaken a large piece of work to rewrite much of the functionality driving our website, and the flexibility shown by Brainiac in accommodating our ever changing needs has been first class...

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Helping Rhinos

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