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Can you really boost social media engagement by simply using emojis? We put this question to the test. 

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This is especially true in marketing. How about emojis?

Are you using emojis in your social media marketing to drive engagement? 

Emojipedia has released 217 emojis in the final list for 2021, and we thought, what better time to share a blog with you guys that outlines our top 5 tips on how to boost social media engagement with emojis!! 

You can check out the new emojis coming 2021 at emojipedia

According to HubSpot: 25.4% of tweets with emojis get better engagement, and according to EmojiPedia: 57% of Facebook posts get more likes while 33% get shares and comments if they have emojis in them. 

Pro Tip: Use emojis in your social media marketing message to convey the ‘right emotion’ and amplify the meaning of your message while driving audience engagement and social media engagement with your business and brand on social. 

Here are 5 of our top tips for using emojis effectively in your social media marketing to boost social media engagement.

1. Know your audience  

Know and understand who your audience is and how they use emojis, especially how they perceive certain emojis. You certainly don't want your emojis to be misinterpreted. Let's say you’re advertising your new health business, and you use certain emojis that have other connotations in the online world. To avoid this embarrassing mishap, a good place to start is using social intelligence tools to find out which emojis your target audience is using online and how they are using them and in what context. Talking about context, let's now move on to tip 2.  

2. Always think about the context 

The context of your message and whether it's the right channel needs considering. Ask yourself will my target audience understand the intended message? Does the emoji fit my brand persona and will it resonate with my audience? 

3. Choosing the right emojis for the right social media platforms

When identifying the right emojis for the right social media platform, consider the purpose of the social media platform. Let’s take LinkedIn, for instance, the people that use LinkedIn usually do so for professional reasons and is used as a platform to connect more formally with other professionals, so emojis that generate curiosity, applaud or express interest are more widely used. 

4. Less is always more 

Use emojis in your social media marketing strategy but use them in moderation, don't lose the message. Emojis are great for adding extra context to your messaging, however, using too many emojis can confuse the message. For instance, take Goldman Sachs heavily encrypted tweet about millennials life choices. If your message has an overly long chain of emojis or repetitive ones that are difficult to decode, it risks the chance of the message and impact being lost. Having the opposite effect of your intended goal to boost social media engagement.  

 boost social media engagement

5. Use emojis to humanize your brand

Using emojis in your social media marketing strategy can create personality and build trust amongst your audience; by relating to your audience and how they communicate daily in text messages and chat, and personal social posts, adds that human emotional touch, instantly building a more humanized brand voice, be sure to consider your audience first as to what type of emoji they respond well too and whether adding emojis to your marketing strategy aligns with the tone of your brand. 


So, wrapping up, emojis can be a fun and engaging way to boost social media engagement and market to and communicate with your audience on social media. The key takeaway is that marketing messages with emojis tend to be more positively received and drive more engagement than posts without. However, with that said, when marketing with emojis, always consider your audience, your brand and whether what you’re posting connects. If you feel your post would lose the message you’re trying to convey if you added emojis, lose them. If you think they would amplify the message and make it more impactful, keep them. It’s that simple!  

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