The importance of having a Mobile Friendly Web Presence

Does your website have a mobile-first mindset?

With the majority of web activity happening via mobile devices, businesses need to ensure they do not miss out on potential leads and sales conversions by not having their website set up to be mobile friendly. You may have a great website that caters for your desktop users, but this may not be capturing your mobile audience in the same way.

This article will provide useful tips on how to ensure your businesses online presence is taking advantage of and equipping itself to captivate your mobile audience, in turn converting them into customers or subscribers.

Where to place promotional offers, and calls to actions so they are mobile friendly:

If you have promotional offers or calls to action on your website the best way to ensure these are visible to your mobile users without risking interrupting them while they are trying to browse your website, which can result in drop offs, is to place these promotional offers in a fixed header at the top of your web page. The fixed header is then locked into place and does not disappear allowing the user to scroll while the promotion or call to action stays put. For tips on getting the most out of your calls to actions read our tips here:

Use the two-step opt-in method when growing your subscriber email lists:

Traditionally marketers have used a pop-up opt-in display form on the website in return to send the user offers, newsletter and interesting news about the business.

Alternatively, the two-step opt-in displays a button or link for your user to click on and only then does the opt-in form appear. The effect of this is that the user is more likely to finish the process as they have initiated it themselves by clicking the button or link. Having the form appear on the same page helps avoid the visitor leaving the site which can happen when visitors are directed to another jpgage to complete an action.

Inactivity sensors:

Inactivity sensors are useful to use for both mobile and desktop users and can help avoid visitors leaving your website without engaging in your marketing campaign.

When users stop activity on your website such as typing, scrolling and mouse movement use the inactivity pop up to prompt your mobile users to complete your call to action and engage with them before they leave your website.

As it is evident that mobile usage is continuing to grow, investing in a mobile-first mindset is paramount if you want to convert these users into customers. If you have any questions or would like more information about how you can convert your mobile audience into leads get in touch today.

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