Digital Marketing Consultancy

Digital Marketing is the marketing of services or products using digital channels, digital marketing is therefore any marketing that is carried out online, this can include SEO, Pay-Per-Click advertising, social media channels (facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram) email marketing and blog posts, even the website itself can be used as an effective marketing tool to connect a businesses services and or products to their target audience.

Digital Marketing Consultancy and Strategy

"People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic"

Seth Godin

If no one's talking about you, how will they know you exist, or so they say...

With the help of our marketing team, we can compile a strategy that focuses on where your business sits in the marketplace and how to best position your brand ahead of your competitors, while meeting your core business objectives.

By using various digital marketing channels, social media marketing and engaging and accurate content, we ensure your business conveys the message you want to deliver to your target audience.

As the growth in people using digital devices as opposed to visiting a business's physical premises has increased, the need for digital marketing campaigns has become ever more popular in recent years and has proven very efficient. Brainiac Media's marketing team specialise in Digital Marketing and helping their clients determine the best digital marketing channels for their business, keeping in mind what will best capture their customers attention. Using digital analytics software Brainiac Media are able to determine which marketing channels to spend more or less time on to ensure our clients receive the best returns on investment.    

Content and Copywriting

Creating content and copy is essential in the success of any website and is paramount to capture your brand's intention. As professional website creators, we at Brainiac Media pride ourselves on professional copy and content that is both carefully crafted and engaging. Our content and copywriters have a background in both marketing and website copy and can provide you with customer focused, high impact content that will get your message across loud and clear.

If you are looking for an effective website, help with creating a strong online presence and clear content that helps drive your call to actions, get in touch today, we can discuss a plan that suits your needs and budget.

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