Coldfusion developers

Adobe ColdFusion is a rapid web application development language which was created by JJ Allaire in 1995.  ColdFusion was originally designed to make it easier to connect simple HTML pages to a database. Today, it has become a market leading development platform that includes its own Integrated Development Environment (IDE)  and a full scripting language.

Coldfusion CFML developers

The old way is sometimes the best way, or so they say...

Coldfusion has been around since 1995, and as its had a couple hickups over the years is still going strong as is it ever did. Adobe released the latest version in 2016 and is secure and robust as ever.

Brainiac Media's developers have been developing websites & online applications in coldfusion since 1998. We believe its a brilliant language that offers rapid development to get your idea on to the webisite quickly and professionaly.

90% of coldfusion code is still usable in the laster version of Adobe Coldfusion 2016 and If you need a website overhauling, nine times out of ten, the website probably just needs a reskin to meet todays mobile friendly statndards. Brainiac Media can help you with this. Anything considered obsolete can be quickly converted into todays usable code.

we support:

  • ColdFusion  5 - 2016 
  • Coldbox
  • Framework 1
  • Fusebox
  • Mach-II
  • Modal-Glue

Coldfusion CFML developers

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