Web Design, Development and Hosting

Web Design, Development and Hosting

The Client: Helping Rhinos

Helping Rhinos is a charity’s whose mission is to rescue and protect rhinos in their natural habitat by delivering tangible results in anti-poaching and habitat preservation. 

The challenges they were facing:

The CEO of Helping Rhinos approached Brainiac Media for help with his existing website which was being continuously hacked with all sorts of embarrassing links put up on to the website.

The solution we provided

After sitting down with the client and running through their existing self-built site, Brainiac Media’s web developers worked on fixing the current website and ensuring against further attacks, however the hackers had created a hidden back door into the website. The solution we provided was copying over all the content and imagery from the old website into the Brainiac Media Framework, ensuring a safer website that is less prone to hacks as it is uses a bespoke non-public code base.

Once we had fixed the hacked website, we were able to provide an effective and faster way for the charity to take online donations ensuring a smooth user journey with clear call to actions.